Why Choose Us?

  • Size
    We are small enough to care but large enough to get things done right and we have proven it!
  • Quality Assurance  
    We understand that a company’s image is everything. If potential clients visit your location and find an untidy environment it reflects poorly. That is why we pride ourselves on quality and take personal responsibility for maintaining your image and high standards.
  • Service
    Our director accountability and trained staff guarantee a trouble free experience. We are committed to reducing your administration time managing contracts, upholding your standards and allowing you to focus on your core business.
  • Price
    We understand the market and offer a quality product. With Clean Concepts you are guaranteed uncompromising service. Our pricing is based on market rates and takes into account a total solution which delivers excellent value.
  • Recruitment
    Recruiting the best available staff is essential and all prospective staff are thoroughly vetted. Each applicant is interviewed, personal details are checked and evaluated for employment.We also make a point of only taking on staff who have excellent references from previous employers. We provide our staff wage rates in line with the market which has meant we can attract and keep better quality staff.
  • Training
    Within an industry that has so many diverse standards and a general name for attracting the “wrong type of staff” we believe strongly in training all of our employees.All our new recruits undergo an intensive training programme designed to educate and familiarise themselves with the high standards at Clean Concepts.
  • Security
    You wouldn’t let just anyone walk around your premises and neither would we. All our staff are security checked and required to wear uniforms at all times when on your premises, along with our strong recruitment policy and supervision you can be confident that our staff are honest and reliable.
  • Continuous Improvement / The Future
    Clean Concepts is committed to continuous improvement in our service. We proactively seek new technologies and methodologies that could yield superior results and enhanced business efficiencies.Clean Concepts are committed to working in partnership with all our clients as the only truly effective method of achieving mutual goals and success in a competitive UK market.